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All commands, other than operations and motions, live in here. Commands can be prefixed with a count which multiplies their action in some way. Commands that define a ::visualExec will be available in visual mode as well as normal mode.

{Command, repeatCountTimes} = require './helpers'
{Change, Delete} = require './operators'
{GoToLine, MoveDown, MoveLeft, MoveRight, MoveToEndOfLine, MoveToFirstNonBlank} = require './motions'

The default key mappings are specified alongside the definitions of each command. Accumulate the mappings so they can be exported.

defaultMappings = {}
map = (keys, commandClass) -> defaultMappings[keys] = commandClass

Define a convenience class for commands that switch to another mode.

class ModeSwitch extends Command
  exec: (jim) ->
    @beforeSwitch? jim
    jim.setMode @switchToMode

Visual mode switches

Switch to characterwise visual mode.

map 'v', class VisualSwitch extends Command
  isRepeatable: no
  exec: (jim) ->
    anchor = jim.adaptor.position()
    jim.setMode 'visual', {anchor}
  visualExec: (jim) ->
    if jim.mode.linewise
      jim.setMode 'visual', linewise: no
      jim.adaptor.editor.selection.setSelectionAnchor jim.mode.anchor...

Switch to linewise visual mode.

map 'V', class VisualLinewiseSwitch extends Command
  isRepeatable: no
  exec: (jim) ->
    anchor = jim.adaptor.setLinewiseSelectionAnchor()
    jim.setMode 'visual', {linewise: yes, anchor}
  visualExec: (jim) ->
    if jim.mode.linewise
      modeState = linewise: yes
      anchor = jim.adaptor.setLinewiseSelectionAnchor()
      modeState.anchor = anchor unless jim.mode.anchor
      jim.setMode 'visual', modeState

Insert mode switches

Insert before the char under the cursor.

map 'i', class Insert extends ModeSwitch
  switchToMode: 'insert'
  exec: (jim) ->
    @beforeSwitch? jim
    if @repeatableInsert

If @repeatableInsert is set, this call to ::exec is to repeat the insert. Don't switch to insert mode, just insert the text that was inserted the first time.

      jim.adaptor.insert @repeatableInsert.string

In order to inform the undo manager (which helps figures out what text to insert when repeating an insert) when the insert is done doing whatever it may have done before the switch to insert mode (e.g. deleted to the end of the line in the case of C) and is switching to insert mode, a boolean is set so the undo manager can bookmark that spot during the next keypress event

      jim.afterInsertSwitch = true

      jim.setMode @switchToMode

Insert after the char under the cursor.

map 'a', class InsertAfter extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) -> jim.adaptor.moveRight true

Insert at the end of the line.

map 'A', class InsertAtEndOfLine extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) ->
    new MoveToEndOfLine().exec jim
    jim.adaptor.moveRight true

Delete all remaining text on the line and insert in its place.

map 'C', class ChangeToEndOfLine extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) ->
    new DeleteToEndOfLine(@count).exec jim

Insert before to first non-blank char of the line.

map 'I', class InsertBeforeFirstNonBlank extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) -> new MoveToFirstNonBlank().exec jim

Create a new line below the cursor and insert there.

map 'o', class OpenLine extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) ->
    row = jim.adaptor.row() + (if @above then 0 else 1)
    jim.adaptor.insertNewLine row
    jim.adaptor.moveTo row, 0

Create a new line above the cursor and insert there.

map 'O', class OpenLineAbove extends OpenLine
  above: yes

Replace the char under the cursor with an insert.

map 's', class ChangeChar extends Insert
  beforeSwitch: (jim) -> new DeleteChar(@count).exec jim

Replace mode switch

map 'R', class ReplaceSwitch extends ModeSwitch
  beforeSwitch: (jim) -> jim.adaptor.setOverwriteMode on
  switchToMode: 'replace'

Miscellaneous commands

Join a line with the line following it.

map 'gJ', class JoinLines extends Command
  exec: (jim) ->
    timesLeft = Math.max(@count, 2) - 1
    while timesLeft--
      jim.adaptor.selectLineEnding @normalize
      if @normalize
        jim.adaptor.insert ' '

  visualExec: (jim) ->
    [minRow, maxRow] = jim.adaptor.selectionRowRange()
    jim.adaptor.moveTo minRow, 0
    @count = maxRow - minRow + 1
    @exec jim
    jim.setMode 'normal'

Join a line with the line following it, ensuring that one space separates the content from the lines.

map 'J', class JoinLinesNormalizingWhitespace extends JoinLines
  normalize: yes

Delete all remaining text on the line.

map 'D', class DeleteToEndOfLine extends Command
  exec: (jim) -> new Delete(1, new MoveToEndOfLine @count).exec jim

Paste after the cursor. Paste after the line if pasting linewise register.

map 'p', class Paste extends Command
  exec: (jim) ->
    return if not registerValue = jim.registers['"']

Using a count with p causes the pasted text to be repeated.

    text = new Array(@count + 1).join registerValue
    linewiseRegister = /\n$/.test registerValue
    if linewiseRegister

Registers with linewise text in them (e.g. yanked with yy instead of yw, for instance) are never pasted mid-line. Move to the beginning of a line to ensure this doesn't happen.

      row = jim.adaptor.row() + (if @before then 0 else 1)
      lastRow = jim.adaptor.lastRow()

If we're pasting row(s) after the last row, we have to move the line ending to the begining of the string.

      if row > lastRow
        [wholeString, beforeLineEnding, lineEnding] = /^([\s\S]*)(\r?\n)$/.exec text
        text = lineEnding + beforeLineEnding

        column = jim.adaptor.lineText(lastRow).length - 1
        jim.adaptor.moveTo row, column
        jim.adaptor.moveTo row, 0
      jim.adaptor.insert text
      jim.adaptor.moveTo row, 0
      jim.adaptor.insert text, not @before

  visualExec: (jim) ->
    if jim.mode.linewise
    overwrittenText = jim.adaptor.deleteSelection()
    @before = true
    @exec jim
    jim.registers['"'] = overwrittenText
    jim.setMode 'normal'

Paste before the cursor. Paste before the line if pasting linewise register.

map 'P', class PasteBefore extends Paste
  before: yes

Replace the char under the cursor with the char pressed after r.

map 'r', class ReplaceChar extends Command

Match [\s\S] so that it will match \n (windows' \r\n?)

  @followedBy: /[\s\S]+/
  exec: (jim) ->
    new MoveRight(@count).exec jim
    jim.adaptor.deleteSelection() # don't yank
    replacementText = if /^\r?\n$/.test @followedBy
      new Array(@count + 1).join @followedBy
    jim.adaptor.insert replacementText
    new MoveLeft().exec jim

Repeat the last repeatable command.

map '.', class RepeatCommand extends Command
  isRepeatable: no
  exec: (jim) ->
    command = jim.lastCommand
    return if not command

    if command.switchToMode is 'insert'
      console.log 'command.repeatableInsert', command.repeatableInsert

For an insert that wasn't contiguous (i.e. the user moved the cursor partway through the insert), Vim repeats it as a standard i insert with just the last contigous piece of text.

      if not command.repeatableInsert.contiguous
        {string} = command.repeatableInsert
        command = new Insert()
        command.repeatableInsert = {string}

    if selectionSize = command.selectionSize

If we're repeating a command made in visual mode, it should affect the same "amount" of text by using motions to move over the same aomount of text

      if selectionSize.lines
        jim.adaptor.makeLinewise selectionSize.lines - 1
      else if selectionSize.chars
        new MoveRight(selectionSize.chars).exec jim
        row = jim.adaptor.row() + selectionSize.lineEndings
        jim.adaptor.moveTo row, selectionSize.trailingChars - 1

      command.visualExec jim


TODO count should replace the lastCommand's count

      command.exec jim

Undo the last command that modified the document.

map 'u', class Undo extends Command
  isRepeatable: no
  exec: repeatCountTimes (jim) -> jim.adaptor.undo()

Delete the char under the cursor.

map 'x', class DeleteChar extends Command
  exec: (jim) -> new Delete(1, new MoveRight @count).exec jim

Delete the char before the cursor.

map 'X', class Backspace extends Command
  exec: (jim) -> new Delete(1, new MoveLeft @count).exec jim


module.exports = {defaultMappings}